Home Watch

Program Services Include...

Interior Inspections

  • Bring in mail

  • Check A/C and thermostat

  • Run water in sinks, tubs and showers

  • Check all areas of the home for pests/rodents

  • Check for leaks

  • Flush toilets

  • Test smoke detectors

  • Turn lights on and off if not on timers

  • Water indoor plants

  • Start and idle cars

Exterior Inspections

  • Perimeter inspection

  • Check for signs of vandalism or intrusion

  • Check landscaping, pool maintenance, irrigation and pest control regiments

  • Remove any flyers, junk mail, newspapers and mail for your driveway or entry

  • Check and maintain exterior lights.

  • Secure your home and windows for storms and provide post-storm inspection.​

Concierge Services

  • Accept deliveries or shipments

  • Act as primary security contact for alarm company

  • Facilitate service personnel - upon approval

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